Ken McCort

Ken McCort owns and operates "Four Paws" training center in Doylestown, Ohio. Along with his wife, Marilyn, a veterinarian, he has and does live with multiple animals including dogs (multiple breed types including New Guinea Singing Dogs), cats, birds (parrots and other species), lizards, llamas, goats, a pony, a marmoset, mini horses and a donkey. In his profession, he works with owners and their animals with behavioral concerns primarily acquired by referral from veterinarians or other clients. He has been training animals full time and on a one-on-one basis since 1986. In addition to his business, Ken is a certified evaluator and was an evaluator instructor with the Pet Partner program. Not only does he evaluate and certify animal/handler teams for activity and therapy programs, but he also helped to develop the Pet Partner Skills and Aptitude Test which he has taught both nationally and internationally. Currently he sits on the national Therapy Animal Program Advisory Team that looks into incidents and policies for the Pet Partner program. Ken has presented on the subject of animal behavior at the University of Akron, Columbus State University, the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine and the Midwest Veterinary Conference (all in Ohio), the Society of Anthrozoologists, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Chienposium (in Canada), D.I.N.G.O. (in Japan and Taiwan) and many, many other animal related groups. In addition, Wolf Park in Battleground, Indiana, which is a research facility that studies wolf, coyote and fox behavior, utilizes Ken for some of its presentations and research projects, and has been allowing him to train with their wolves for over 18 years.