Pamela J. Reid PhD, CAAB

ASPCA Animal Behavior Center

Pamela Reid is a trained scientist with a PhD in animal learning and behavior. She understands research and she can tell good work from bad. Better yet, she can translate scientific theories and findings into comprehensible language, sharing where and how the research is relevant to the real world. Her presentations are always changing, always improving as she discovers new work.

Pamela is also a certified behaviorist.She has been consulted on thousands of cases over the years. She evaluates dogs that have seriously injured or killed people, and dogs that have been the victims of cruelty.

Pamela is even a dog trainer. She started with an unlikely breed, a remarkable Saluki named Shaahiin. Shaahiin earned his Agility Novice and Open titles, winning breed and group awards for high scores. They went on to Flyball, where Shaahiin became the first and only Saluki to earn a Flyball Dog Championship for the following 15 years.They tackled agility where Shaahiin became the first Saluki to earn a USDA Agility Dog title. Pamela’s next dog was Ciaran the Border Collie, who racked up titles in obedience, flyball,and agility. Ciaran won numerous Grand Prix events and classes at the USDAA Nationals. Pamela’s current best buddy is her Border-Border Eejit, a veritable legend in agility. Eejit is a two-time USDAA National Steeplechase Champion and a three-time USDAA Regional DAM Team Champion. Sadly, he’s now retired at the ripe old age of 14. Clearly Pamela knows dog training. She knows how to teach, she knows how to motivate, she knows how to refine, and she knows how to compete to get the best out of the team.