2017 APDT Annual Educational Conference & Trade Show

WE05 - A Dog's View of the World

Oct 18, 2017 1:15pm ‐ Oct 18, 2017 3:15pm

Standard: $20.00


Most dog enthusiasts know that canines must see the world differently from people, but lack more specifics. Because humans rely so heavily on vision, we tend to impose that lens on dogs. However, canine vision differs from humans, and their reliance on vision is less than ours. In this overview presentation, we will take a look at the biology of dog vision as well as hearing and smell. All of these senses really take place in the brain, so we will also explore what is known about canine brains and cognition. Each part will include links back to wolf biology and the context in which these senses developed over time, and the impacts these differences from us have on how a dog views our world.

Link to CEU form for this session: https://apdt.com/recorded-conference-ceu-request/


  • Tim Lewis, Ph.D., Wildlife Ecology, University of St. Thomas, MN

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