2016 APDT Annual Educational Conference & Trade Show

WE04 - The Pet Dog - Is He Going Extinct?

Oct 12, 2016 1:30pm ‐ Oct 12, 2016 3:30pm

Standard: $20.00


The Pet Dog - Is He Going Extinct?

1. What is a 'Pet' Dog? a. What behaviors are 'natural'? b. Do people really just want a stuffed animal?

2. The Inseparable Triad: Human-Environment-Dog

3. Today's Environment: a. More crowded b. Less open space/access to natural world c. Aerobic exercise limitations d. Less access to free movement/galloping e. More bull breeds f. More dominant/tough dogs g. Are shelters/rescues promoting placement of low-threshold dogs (in particular RG and dog-dog aggression)

4. Today's Human a. Less time b. More people own more than one dog c. Less handling/touch d. 'All Positive' or reward based methods e. Puzzle toys and stuffed Kongs ™ and constant mild stimulation/arousal f. Dog parks g. 'All dogs should meet and play' subculture h. The outcry to save serious biters and blame children or victims i. Obesity as a means to flatten behavior, attitude and energy levels

5. Today's Dog a. More shelter/rescue dogs, very chic to adopt/'rescue' b. More guarding and fighting dogs and mixes c. More arousal d. Lower aggression thresholds e. Less sociability f. Purebred health deterioration g. AKC including more and more inappropriate non-pet dogs from other countries h. 'Soft' dogs are becoming extinct i. The most successful pet dogs are being sterilized

6. What Can We Do? a. Should the shelter world contribute? b. In ten years, where will your next dog come from?


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