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2012 APDT Annual Educational Conference & Trade Show

WE03 - Getting Reliability at the Distance Drop and Stay

Oct 17, 2012 2:15pm ‐ Oct 17, 2012 2:35pm


The drop on recall is an exercise that I see more dogs fail in the Open A category of obedience trials and Level 3 in Rally. This behavior is a chain that must be shaped. When teaching a distance down, I use back-chaining and fluency in my training. Before teaching a distance drop, the dog must know how to drop in a sphinx position with a verbal cue and hand signal, stay in position (having been taught duration, distraction and distance) and drop in motion. Once you have mastered all of these behaviors, you can now begin to chain your distance down. Pia will go over how to get a reliable distance drop using rewards. This behavior can save a dog’s life and should be taught to all dogs!


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